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Summer School

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Kip McGrath Barnsley North Summer School

Kip McGrath Barnsley North has an exciting Summer School and Summer Fun programme lined up during August. The sessions are for children aged 6 to 16
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Summer School

You can choose to give your children a head start for the new academic year. Subjects include Maths, English, Science, French and Spanish.
Though the programme is suitable for children aged 6 – 16 it is of particular benefit to: 

  • Students finishing year 9 and moving up to year 10, who have been given a lot of school work to complete over the summer break. Many students struggle with this and we can help!

  • Students making the transition from year 6 to secondary school. Having worked hard on their SATS it is usual for schools to give their pupils a well-deserved rest from the intensity of their English and maths studies and work on other topics. By the time they start the new academic year many students have forgotten quite a lot of what they knew back in May. The Summer School will refresh their knowledge and skills ready to start the next stage of their academic life. 
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For summer school and summer fun tutoring in Barnsley, call us on: 

01226 242 100 - Barnsley North
01226 982 932 - Barnsley South

Summer Fun Programme

Children will benefit from fun, yet educational, activities such as competitions, quizzes, investigations and experiments designed to excite and engage, all based around the National Curriculum, but in an interactive manner. This is about them learning without even knowing they’re learning. 

The choice of subjects includes:
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Chess
  • French 
  • Spanish
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Spanish tuition

Why Should My Child Come to the Summer School or Summer Fun Sessions?

  • To make sure they have a head start for the next academic year
  • It occupies your child during the summer holidays - an exciting way of learning as well as having fun  
  • Helps to prevent your child forgetting what they’ve already learnt last academic year
  • For children making the transition between primary and secondary school our sessions can really help to ease this time 
  • All staff are highly qualified, DBS (what was CRB) certified tutors.

When is it?

Sessions will run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1st to 30th August 2017 with sessions at 9:30am and 11:00am. Please contact us on 01226 242100 to find out more. 

All sessions are 80 minutes long.

Attendance is very flexible to allow for holidays and other activities your child might be attending. Book as many, or as few as required. 
Phone: 01226 242 100

How Much Does it Cost?

children studying
• £30 per session.
• Book 9 sessions per child by 31st July and get a 10th session free. 

How Do I Book?

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Call the office on 01226 242100 and we will be happy to answer any questions. Before the start of the Summer School we will invite you to come and see the centre.

We will carry out a FREE academic assessment on your child to ensure we are not asking too much of them, but that we are providing a challenge. You will be under no obligation to sign up at this stage.

Once you have seen the centre and are happy that we can provide what your child needs then decide.    
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